Quality Standards

Parent Compnay, Arun Gems Internaitonal LLC and the Founder of AUMIKA for the last 20 years is known in the Diamond Industy for dealing strictly 100% Natural Diamonds. Our Commitment has never changed despite of many treatments, Sythetics and Simulatans are constantly flooded in the Diamond Industry. We are bringng the same commitment to AUMIKA. 


We Sell only 100% Natural Diamonds. 

All our Engagement Rings with center diamond above 0.30 cts come with GIA Certification. GIA is known for highest testing and grading standards for Third Party Certification.

We Source  and test our diamonds at each stage to make sure they are 100% Natural and meet our quality standards. 

Final Authenticy of Certificate is issued stating "100% Natural Diamonds" which meets FTC (Federal Trade Commision) Guidelines. 

Our Authenticity Of Certificate is issued by Graduate Gemologist  from GIA, Candidate Of Appraisers which is IRS (Internal Revenue Service)Comlaint and is accepted by major Insurance companies 



We DO NOT sell or deal in any treated, syhtetic or Simulants. All our diamonds are 100% Natural Diamonds. 


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