Why diamonds are so expensive?

Although diamonds prices dropped dramatically for last 50 years their value is still very high for many average women. What is the reason for that?

First of all–not all the diamonds are expensive. Those with defects always have lower price and some of them with bad quality are often used in industry as parts of the tools.

Many people think you should pay huge amount for a diamond because they are so rare.I t is true that is not easy to find a diamond which is absolutely colorless and at the same time has very high clarity. Of course, XXL diamonds are harder to find (that is why price per carat is higher as diamonds is bigger). But, rubies and sapphires are rare rand still those gems are not expensive as diamonds.It is because of the clever marketing campaign – adds keep telling us diamond are not owned by many people and they are not made for everyone, so we all believe there are not so many diamonds on Earth. This is not true. Certain amount of those precious stones is released every year just to keep the level of desired sale.

Let us talk more about strong marketing for diamonds. We could see them in many movies and there were also songs made about them. Only finest emotions are connected with them, every time. They were always part of the most important events in someone’s life. Those stones are considered as a symbol of love and commitment. You get a diamond once in probably 20 years so it is a very special gift. Just like many other objects that have emotional value, diamond is highly priced because of the story and memories it brings.

Accumulation of costs has significant role in specifying the price of a diamond. Think about this – miner should be paid for his job, just like the man who works in transport. People who cut and polish stones should also get their salaries. There are payments for jewelry makers, retailers and sellers and after all of this diamond comes to your hands. Many people are involved in the process and everyone wants to earn a profit on this particular diamond you are buying.

So, excellent marketing, rareness and accumulation of costs–those are reasons why you should pay a fortune for one beautiful stone.

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