What do you need to know before buying diamond jewelry?

This kind of shopping is really a big thing and we understand you mustn’t go wrong. That is the reason we are giving some small, but very useful tips.Thanks to them you will not feel confused and lost when you enter this jewelry store.

The very first thing – there is no amount you should spend. Don’t be worried about this part of shopping as you shouldn’t spend the fortune just because others say so.It is more important to buy something that will suit style of that special woman. You can do this with medium or low price of a diamond, too. You just need to be careful with choosing jewelry.

If you are buying the ring, be sure about the size. Measure secretly one of her favorite rings (buy the measure tool or get it online) or just put one of them on your ring and remember the position. At the end, if you really don’t know the size it is better to choose the bigger one than the smaller one.

Before you make decision about buying diamond, think about metal for band.Take a look at her jewelry box–if most of items are made of gold that is the metal you should choose, too.


Absolutely colorless diamonds are the best, of course. They have grades from D to F. But, near-colorless diamonds (G–J) look very similar to the perfect ones and in most cases you will not notice a difference with a naked eye. They are very good choice because their price is usually dramatically lower. Maybe you can buy a diamond with small inclusions visible only under microscope–their price is not high too.

Don’t let the jeweler give the color grade for the diamond – ask for color grading made by GIA or lab. Have in mind that same color can look quite different indifferent shapes. Be aware of jewelry store lightning as it is made for diamonds to look brighter. You should take a look at your diamonds away from spotlights, using natural light.

When it comes to cut, remember that some natural uncut diamond can look great on the finger too. Don’t set for too deeply cut diamonds because they look smaller than they are. Round form of a diamond is always the most expensive–that is why you should think about other forms.
Always ask for certifications if you want to be sure you are getting high quality and conflict free diamond. Keep in mind that GIA certificate is not useful if you are buying colored stones.
If the value of a specific diamond is really high you shouldn’t buy the diamond without seeing it with no prongs because they can hide something you must see. Of course, don’t forget to use magnifier before you spend the cash.
Choose the perfect stone wisely. Aumika is ready for you to use all of these nice tips as it offers wide range of different, gorgeous diamonds.