Top 5 myths about diamonds

1.Diamonds are the most brilliant thing on Earth.

No, they aren’t. Their RI (refractive index) is 2.41.Substances with higher RI are more brilliant than those with lower RI. That means that hematite, cinnabar, rutile, cuprite, purargyrite, proustiteand brookite have higher brilliance than diamond.Actually, there are at least 15 minerals with shine higher than this famous stone has. Also, have in mind that, for instance, rutile have bigger “fire”too. So called “fire” is ability to disperse white light into the colors of rainbow.Diamond’s fire is just 0.44 but rutile has0.330.

2.Diamonds always have flat surface and edges.

Not true. Some of them can have other forms, of course. They can be round or ballistic and, although they don’t shine as flat ones do,they are still beautiful.

3.You need to know 4C if you want to know the value of a diamond.

Not really. Those numbers are only for people who want precise criteria. If you don’t watch the stone every day under a microscope then the most important things for you as a customer are size and sparkle.

4.Size and carats weight are the same thing.

Actually, stones with same number of carats can have completely different size. Have in mind three facts:
  1. one carat is equal to 0.2 grams.
  2. size is about dimensions (height and width) and carats are about weight.
  3. Those with deeper cuts will look smaller while stones with shallow cut will appeal bigger than they really are.

5.Diamonds are girl’s best friends.

Not all women like diamonds. Some of them actually like diamond jewelry and this special shine but they don’t want to spend so much money on them so they rather buy gems.


Those were real facts for you real diamond lovers.